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Challenges Faced by Higher Education Institutions in Indonesia

As one of the world's most populous countries, Indonesia also has a large number of students. The high volume of university students and graduates certainly puts a strain on universities' administrative system, especially if the universities have yet to adopt the latest technology in processing the papers.

Students enrollment

High volume of students enrollment each year

Inclusive system for all students

Efforts to develop an inclusive system for all students

Extensive paperwork process

Extensive paperwork process


Paper-based document frauds

Digital Transformation to Provide High-quality Education for Students

Expanding student services, improving financial performance, enhancing operational visibility, and reducing costs with Privy solutions for Education.

Student enrollment

Student Enrollment

Increase productivity and save time spent on tedious enrollment with automated processes. The digital signature also grants security to the information contained in the documents, guaranteeing the confidentiality of their application.

Transcripts verification

Transcripts Verification

Academic scores within transcripts that are digitally signed can be verified for its validity with asymmetric cryptography. University administrations, government bodies, or even employers could easily detect whether the academic transcript has been modified or not.

Class attendance

Class Attendance

Every digital signature is tied to a verified individual. Each is also equipped with information that shows the date, time, and location of the signing, providing the universities with reliable information of where the student is located when they sign their attendance form. This can also be used in long-distance or online classes.

Graduation certificate

Signing Graduation Certificates

Graduation certificates that are digitally signed are embedded with electronic certificates, ensuring the authenticity of the content along with the validity of its signer. Making it safe from counterfeiting.

Each Year, Privy Could Potentially Assist Higher Education Institution in Indonesia by Implementing Digital Signature Technology On


Graduation Certificates


Academic Transcripts


University Administrations

Less Hassle, More Time for Learning