Digital solutions to deal with the challenges faced by the higher education institutions in Indonesia

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Providing high-quality education for students through digital transformation

Fasten student enrollment process

The long and tedious registration process can now be done automatically with a Digital Identity. Information security and confidentiality of a document is also granted with Digital Signatures.

Easier transcripts verification and class attendance

With Privy, the validity of academic grades in digitally signed transcripts can be verified with asymmetric cryptography. Each Privy Digital Signature is also equipped with information such as the date, time, and location of the signing to make it easier to fill in the attendance list.

Reduce paper use, more cost-effective

No need to print and store physical documents during the administrative process now. With Privy's digital solutions, everything can be done digitally and minimize the risk of documents being damaged or lost.

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Document ID verification

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Legally-binding digital signature

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