e-Meterai is the new feature on Privy’s Web App to attach electronic meterai issued by Peruri on digital documents. Get your e-Meterai at Privy’s Enterprise account.


Combine digital signature and e-Meterai in one Privy's platform

Seamless electronic document signing with an e-Meterai for higher legality. Contact your company's admin to purchase e-Meterai through direct top-up or our sales.

Advantages of e-Meterai

Electronic meterai (e-Meterai) is a meterai used for electronic documents. The position of electronic meterai with wet/manual meterai is legally valid and regulated in Law Number 10 of 2020.

Easier and faster to use

No more looking for a place to buy a meterai. You also don't have to worry about the seal that you have torn or lost. Affix the e-meterai to your electronic documents with Privy.

Prevent counterfeiting

e-Meterai is equipped with digital signature technology & security features with special Peruri seal specifically read with a certain application. Free of counterfeit & misusage.