User identity verification made easier with Privy's Digital certificate issuance system

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User identity verification with Privy

Identity verification is needed to onboarding process for new bank account opening, loan agreement, or credit card application. Ensure your data customer validity and prevent fraud with Privy's digital certificate issuance.

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1. Seamless process

Seamless onboarding process with full digital experiences

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2. Secure verification

Secure verification of biometric data

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3. Accurate results

Accurate results to prevent online fraud and crime

Frictionless onboarding with the highest security

Raise productivity and increase security with Privy's comprehensive identity verification, from ID cards to biometric. Integrated with digital identity, verified digital signature, and electronic certificate.


Practical and legal solution for your need

Integrate Privy's digital certificate issuance solution into your working environment

Reliable & trusted digital certificate issuance provider

Privy is rooted to the Ministry of Communication and Information as an Electronic Certificate Provider (PSrE) and is listed as a digital certificate issuance service provider in OJK.

Integrated with other qualified features

Optimize the verified digital signature, electronic certificate, and e-Meterai all in one application.


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