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Accelerate your business with Privy end-to-end digital solution

Welcome to Privy, the 1st and leading digital signature and digital identity provider in Indonesia. Enjoy a convenient & efficient digital experience with advanced trust & security in user onboarding through our business solutions.

The Privy Promise

For the past 6 years, Privy has passed stringent tests of usability, reliability, and security. Here are our promises to you.

Privacy first

Your data will not be shared to anyone else without your consent. Ever.

Safe and secure

We use certified military grade Hardware Security Module along with proven Public Key Cryptography to create and protect your signature.


We have appropriate approvals from Indonesia's government and certifications from reputable accreditors in the world.

24/7 Customer service

We are here to assist you anytime. Accessible from Live Chat, Whatsapp, and Email.

Reliable performance and availability

Privy's Public Key Infrastructure consistently deliver 99.9% availability with no surprise downtime.

Continuous innovation

As the trailblazers in the Digital Signature and Digital Identity industry, we are constantly pushing forward and finding ways to put people's lives at ease through continuous innovation.

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