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“Privy is the market leader in Digital Trust with 37 million verified users and over 2.200+ enterprise customers”.


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Learn more about PrivyID End to End Service for Business: Enterprise Suite

Enterprise Suite

Focus on your deals, not administrative burdens. Use Privy application end to end for managing your verification, document creation, templates, storage, workflows, approvals, signatures, and even reminders. Available on the Web, Android, and iOS.

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Learn more about PrivyID Electronic Signature Integration for Business: API Suite

API Suite

Want a totally integrated experience for your consumer? Embed our ready-to-use user registration, document upload, signing setup, document signing, and e-seal API into your application. Available in JSON format.

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Learn more about PrivyID Digital Signature Provider for Robust Security Requirement: Privacy Middleware

Privacy Middleware

Have a strict IT security policy not to use cloud or SaaS? We got your back. You can install our Privacy Middleware on your server, your documentswill never have to leave your premise anymore to be digitally signed.

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Learn more about PrivyID Perfect Solution for Your Customer Onboarding Challenges: PrivyPass


Leverage 22 million of Privy users with verified national ID to become your customers. Simply place “Login with Privy” button on your website or app to deliver frictionless user onboarding. What’s better? It’s free.

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The Trust Services That PrivyID Offers Comply With Indonesian Law and acknowledged by the authority

The Trust Services That Privy Offers Comply With Indonesia Legislation article 11 UU ITE, subordinate CA by The Ministry of Communication and Informatics and acknowledged by OJK (Financial Service Authority) and BI (the Central Bank).


Here are just few reasons to choose Privy over others

First reasons to choose PrivyID is Privacy First

Privacy First

We do not share your data with anyone else without your consent. Ever.

Second reasons to choose PrivyID is Security by Design

Security by Design

We use certified military grade Hardware Security Module along with proven Public Key Cryptography to create and protect your signature.

Third reasons to choose PrivyID is Legally Compliant

Legally Compliant

We have appropriate approvals from the government and certifications from reputable accreditors.

Fourth reasons to choose PrivyID is 24/7 Customer Service

24/7 Customer Service

We are here to assist you. Accessible from Live Chat and Email.

Fifth reasons to choose PrivyID is Reliable Performance and Availability

Reliable Performance and Availability

We have Privy’s Public Key Infrastructure consistently deliver 99.9% availability with no surprise downtime. Appropriate approvals from the government and certifications from reputable accreditors.

Sixth reasons to choose PrivyID is Continuous Innovation

Continuous Innovation

As pioneer, we have been at the forefront of the digital signature industry and we are constantly innovate adding new feature.




Individuals (and still counting) have signed up to Privy.

PrivyID’s client: Bank BNI 46
PrivyID’s client: Bank Mandiri
PrivyID’s client: NOBU National Bank
PrivyID’s client: Zurich Insurance Group
PrivyID’s client: Asuransi Manulife
PrivyID’s client: Allianz
PrivyID’s client: Bussan Auto Finance
PrivyID’s client: OVO
PrivyID’s client: Akulaku
PrivyID’s client: Investree
PrivyID’s client: Amartha
PrivyID’s client: PT. HM Sampoerna Tbk
PrivyID’s client: Blibli
PrivyID’s client: Akseleran
PrivyID’s client: Awan Tunai
PrivyID’s client: Indomaret
PrivyID’s client: AdaKami
PrivyID’s client: AXA
PrivyID’s client: Bank Danamon
PrivyID’s client: BFI Finance
PrivyID’s client: Pegadaian
PrivyID’s client: Alodokter
PrivyID’s client: Bank Mega
PrivyID’s client: Bank BRI
PrivyID’s client: Bank CIMB Niaga
PrivyID’s client: Generali Insurance
PrivyID’s client: Philip Morris
PrivyID’s client: Huawei
PrivyID’s client: Telkom Indonesia
PrivyID’s client: Telkomsel
PrivyID’s client: XL
PrivyID’s client: Indosat
PrivyID’s client: Lintasarta
PrivyID’s client: Gramedia
PrivyID’s client: Koinworks
PrivyID’s client: Great Eastern
PrivyID’s client: Kredivo
PrivyID’s client: IIS
PrivyID’s client: AdaPundi
PrivyID’s client: Bank BSI Syariah
PrivyID’s client: Bank Raya
PrivyID’s client: Goto Financial


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PrivyID Certification and Acknowledgment: Kementerian Komunikasi dan Informatika


Subordinate CA

Kep. MENKOMINFO No. 84 Tahun 2021

Registered Electronic Signature System Provider

No. 001219.02/DJAI.PSE/08/2021

PrivyID Certification and Acknowledgement: Bank Indonesia


Passed Regulatory Sandbox


WebTrust Certification

WebTrust Certification for CA

PrivyID Certification and Acknowledgement: Kementerian Dalam Negeri


Cooperation Agreement with Directorate General of Population & Civil Registration

N0. PKS : 119/2541/DUKCAPIL & 040/PID-BD/PKS/III/2019
N0. Addendum : 119/6855/DUKCAPIL & 032/Privy-BD/PKS/IV/2022

PrivyID Certification and Acknowledgement: TUV Rheinland


ISO IEC 27001 2013 Information Security Management System

Register.No. 824 153 17003

ISO/IEC 27701:2019 Privacy Information Management System


ISO/IEC 27701:2019 Privacy Information Management System

Certificate No: PM777340


PrivyID is a member of Asosiasi Fintech Pendanaan Bersama Indonesia
PrivyID is a member of FIDO Alliance
PrivyID is a member of Fintech Indonesia
PrivyID is a member of Indonesia Regtech and Legaltech Indonesia
Privy is a member of Kamar Dagang and Industri Indonesia