Privy’s products enable remote work, so we are in a position to help organizations of all types respond to this new normal. Privy products enable digital signing of documents from any device, anytime, anywhere. This enables your business to protect the validity of signed documents and continue to operate with integrity and trust, even when most of your team may be working remotely.

We have mobilized to accelerate critical agreements needed for healthcare, emergency government services, education, fintech, work from home, and doing business remotely.

Below, it explains how we’re supporting customers’ expediting digital transformation to the new normal, organized by industry and business function. The examples are based on actual customer engagements and are meant to be illustrative—we are doing far more than listed here.

In addition, work from home has brought the need to remotely sign agreement document, sales contract, purchase order, tax document and any important document that need repalcement of wet signature to electronic form. To help such situations, we’ve been training Digital Signature customers on Bulk Send, a feature that many customers already have in their plans. Bulk Send allows you to upload a list of recipients who will each get a unique, signable version of a document.

Another scenario is supporting employee requests related to working at home. For example, a local government agency needed a way for employees to request and take responsibility for equipment. In response, the agency deployed an Digital Signature PowerForm. It allows an employee to fill in a form, which generates the necessary document, which in turn the employee can electronically sign. The entire process is self-service.

In Indonesia, there is a particularly urgent need for educators to continue supporting millions of students with disabilities while complying with laws, for example, we are helping student registration using digital signature, educators enable remote signing of IEP (Individualized Education Program) plans to parents, class assignment, grading result confirmation.

Here are other examples of how we are helping educational institutions respond to COVID-19:

  1. Study from Home for physical distancing practice
  2. Digital Signature for University Diploma or Education Certificate
  3. Transitioning school operations to remote study

We are supporting physical distancing all the way, the whole people involved in education activity needs to be conducted remotely, we are helping establish or expand Digital Signature availability to a range of employees, staff, lecturer, admin.

Wherever healthcare organizations have called on us, we have prioritized their needs. They are the frontline defenders against COVID-19.

  • Patient intake process. Using LogIn with Privy will safeguard your patient to conduct physical disitancing patient-intake process. We are helping hospitals, clinics, and other providers avoid physically circulating paper and clipboards among patients and healthcare workers. Patients sign intake forms and consents remotely, ahead of time. This is especially relevant to drive-through COVID-19 testing, where eliminating the paper from paperwork is critical.
  • Enabling authorization of patient data access. Patients are increasingly opting to see a doctor or other health professional in different hospital. Using our app or a website, the doctor with patient consent can interchange patient history via Privy Health. We are supporting healthcare organizations in their efforts to offer this option.
  • Reducing the need for physical sign-offs on internal business. Within hospitals, signs-offs are required for many activities—for example, bed assignments. We are seeing demand to transition these sign-offs from paper processes to electronic ones, often on mobile devices.

With the above use case, we are not only working to help healthcare providers move quickly but also to support their compliance with regulations that safeguard patient data.

Verifying customers identity remotely in financial sectors raises question on face to face meeting requirements for KYC and AML. Implementing digital signature for credit card application triggers compliance issue with the Central Bank (BI)’s regulation.

PrivyID is the only e-KYC provider listed on OJK (Financial Services Authority) with direct access to Directorate General of Population and Civil Registration for biometric verification means you don’t need to worry about regulatory compliance on our technology and procedure.

With Privy onboarding customer solution is enabling to process thousands of loan applications and to provide funding for small and medium size businesses to retain their employees, make payroll, pay rent, etc. Together we can saving companies and saving jobs with Privy's platform.

Many representative of world’s largest insurers in Indonesia accelerated deployment of Digital Signature to support field agents, who are now working with clients remotely. API Integrated with SalesForce and their existing system, we helped create new templates for common documents.

More generally, insurance companies are needing to support remote work across all business functions. In response, we are assisting with expanded Digital Signature availability and training within organizations.

Remote Online Notarization coupled with Privy DSN allows you to get a document notarized from virtually anywhere without face-to-face interactions. Learn more about how DSM works now.

Highly Regulated Financial Activities

We are helping financial-services organizations execute high-value, highly regulated transactions that traditionally have involved in-person identification and signing.

In Indonesia certain financial activities have special regulations. For example, they may be subject to Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering rules. Or for other reasons, they may require special authorization and identification of the parties. In a world of banking without branches, PrivyID is helping banks support these highly regulated financial activities.

PrivyID is a certified CA by The Ministry of Communication and Informatics acknowledged by OJK (Financial Service Authority) and BI (the Central Bank). It means, our digital signature is valid and legally binding equivalent to a wet signature on hardcopy. In response to COVID-19, we are working with all Indonesia largest banks (Bank Buku 4) to digitize its wealth-management and private-banking forms. These forms are about transfers and beneficiary designations that can be subject to extra regulation for identifying the parties.

Hiring and OnBoarding

We are enabling businesses to remotely hire and onboard employees, including 100,000 new hires by one of the world’s largest retailers.

Although many businesses are on hold, others are hiring and onboarding employees to respond to the crisis. Here is a particularly big example: To keep millions of households provisioned with groceries and supplies during the crisis, one of the world’s largest retailers has hired and onboarded more than 100,000 store and online-fulfillment workers. The retailer’s use of PrivyID Digital Signature has allowed almost all onboarding paperwork to be paperless and executed via the new employee’s own mobile device.

In addition to supporting special hiring programs, we are helping companies virtualize their normal hiring and onboarding, so it can be done remotely. We have been helping customers activate our integrations with HCM systems like Workday and SAP SuccessFactors, as well as applicant tracking systems like Greenhouse and Jobvite. Also, for I-9 forms in the United States, we’ve recently enhanced our support for ID verification and storage.