Terms of Use & Privacy Policy

  1. Definition

  1. Privy is PT Privy Identitas Digital, a legal entity established under the laws of the Republic of Indonesia.

  2. Partner is an individual or legal entity connected with the use of PrivyID or that use PrivyID in order for Users to be able to use any services that they offer.

  3. PrivyID is a combination of code provided to gain access to the services offered by Privy. This code consists of name of the Privy account and the passcode associated with the email address, phone number, and electronic signature.

  4. User is an individual and legal intity who has made an application to obtain PrivyID.

  5. The Terms are the Terms of Use of this PrivyID.

  6. Site is www.privy.id

  7. Application is an application on the mobile phone used to access and use PrivyID.


  1. Use and Service

  1. This term refers to any terms and conditions for the User to use PrivyID. Privy may notify Users in the event of any additional terms.

  2. Before Users may use PrivyID, Users must agree to these Terms.

  3. Privy performs User authentication through PrivyID.

  4. Users only get PrivyID after applying PrivyID application.

  5. The activation procedure shall be sent by electronic mail and electronic text (sms) to the email address and mobile number registered by the User.

  6. After obtaining PrivyID, User may access the services offered by Partners.

  7. PrivyID is attached to an individual or legal entity, and is non-transferable.

  8. Any information contained in PrivyID is information that is guaranteed to be confidential as it is personal data. Accordingly, the User acknowledges that PrivyID is confidential.

  9. User warrants that the telephone number and e-mail address submitted to Privy are properly within the User's control.

  10. The user shall have the right to modify the telephone number and e-mail address, to the extent provided in accordance with Article 2, paragraph 9 above.

  11. If User loses password, User may request to redo password acceptance (reset), in accordance with procedure arranged by Privy.

  12. In case of alleged misuse of PrivyID, Privy may suspend Users’ PrivyID and prohibit the use of PrivyID.

  13. Users may freeze (deactivate) PrivyID at any time.


  1. Privy's Obligation

  1. Privy shall be obliged to do everything in accordance with the limits of its ability to ensure the services provided by PrivyID.

  2. Privy is required to create a Service Desk that serves as a communication center between Privy and User related to the use of PrivyID.


  1. Terms of Confidentiality of Personal Data

  1. Any personal data provided by Users is used by Privy as long as it is used for the purposes of identity verification at the time of use with the Partner, or to monitor the misuse of PrivyID required by Partners.

  2. Any personal data in PrivyID is protected and subject to the Population Administration Law (for an individual) or laws in the field of the company, including but not limited to Limited Liability Company Law, Company Mandatory Listing Law , and Book of Commercial Law (for company).

  3. User is responsible for determining the completeness and accuracy of data provided by Users.

  4. Any data and information will not be provided to third parties, unless they are mandatory statutory regulations, or upon the consent of the User himself.


  1. Security

  1. Privy has taken all necessary security measures to ensure the security of data, either technically, organizationally or operationally.

  2. Privy may temporarily terminate access to PrivyID if there is a suspected leak or security breach.

  3. Where possible, in the event of a leak or violation, Privy will notify Users via the Site of any measures that will or have been done.

  4. If User feels any leakage or violation, the User shall report to Privy, and Privy will immediately block access to PrivyID temporarily.


  1. Improvements

  1. Without prior notice, Privy may terminate access to the Site or the Application on a temporary basis to repair and administer the Site or the Application.

  2. Privy promises that any remedial action takes place at certain times when PrivyID is infrequently used.


  1. End of Use of PrivyID

  1. Privy reserves the right to terminate or block access to PrivyID at any time, or as agreed.

  2. Privy shall provide the reasons for such termination or blocking.

  3. The User accepts the risk that the information and data recorded in PrivyID will no longer be accessible to Users, in the event that User access to PrivyID has been terminated or blocked.


  1. Accountability

Privy is subject to any obligation to conduct liability and compensation in accordance with applicable law regarding the Unlawful Act in the Indonesian Legal System.


  1. Complaint

  1. Privy shall provide procedures for the User to file a complaint.

  2. The complaint shall be submitted by the User to Privy no later than 30 (thirty) calendar days after the incident.


  1. Intellectual Property

  1. Privy holds all intellectual property rights related to PrivyID, including the copyright, trademark, patent, and other intellectual property contained therein.

  2. Everyone is prohibited to use Intellectual Property in connection with Privy and PrivyID, except with the consent of Privy.


  1. Change of Terms

  2. Privy reserves the right to change these Terms at any time. Each user shall be entitled to acknowledge any changes and agree to such changes.

  3. Privy ensures that these Terms may be accessed at any time by the User throughout the Site.


  1. Dispute

Any dispute relating to the application or interpretation of these Terms is settled under Indonesian Law.