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Streamline Document Signing Process in Every Department

From employment agreements to sales quotations, purchase orders, and more, PrivyID supports every level of your organization to achieve a higher level of efficiency in business workflow.

Human resources and staffing

Human Resources and Staffing

Eliminate paper-based documents and speedier hiring processes by sending digital employment contracts with PrivyID. Also useful for international franchises, avoiding the need to be physically present in the selection processes or when signing contracts, with guaranteed recipient's data integrity and issuer authenticity.



The procurement process tends to involve multiple contracts such as signing purchase orders, invoices, agreements, and other important documents. With PrivyID, digitizing documents and signing process can help reduce cluttered documentation, decrease significant expense, and minimize additional risk, such as items that can be lost or damaged.



The legal department in a company has to ensure the legality and validity of every important documents they are dealing with, such as contracts and NDAs. With massive amounts of paper in their daily practice, PrivyID can help to streamline your legal processes and hold the same validity and legal effect as signatures on paper documents.

PrivyID’s client: Kangean Energy Indonesia PrivyID’s client: JD.ID PrivyID’s client: Indosat Ooreedoo

Digital Transform Your Business with Our End-to-End Service and Enjoy the Following Benefits

Customer acquisition cost

reduced customer acquisition cost

Use our service to onboard new customers online and save up to 90% of customer acquisition cost.

Registration process

faster registration process

Our platform enables you to process registration in real time, acceleration the procedure by 28x faster.

Paper use

reduced paper use

Reduce up to 100% of paper waste by implementing our digital solution management to your administrative process.

Our Technology is Here to Help You Grow Your Business

Collaborate with us to accelerate digital transformation, improve efficiency, and protect your customers against identity fraud and cybercrime.

Protect Your Customers' Identities and Electronic Transactions

Protect Your Customers' Identities and Electronic Transactions

All PrivylD accounts have gone through government ID verification procedures and all digital signing processes require multi-factor authentication, to help you safeguard your customers' identities and their electronic transactions.

Save, Manage, and Sign Documents in One Integrated Platform

Save, Manage, and Sign Documents in One Integrated Platform

Say goodbye to the outdated filing system and exhausting document delivery process. PrivyID's cloud-based platform enables you to easily digitize your company's documents at an affordable cost.

Accelerate Your Digital Transformation in Compliance with the Law

Accelerate Your Digital Transformation in Compliance with the Law

PrivyID uses public key infrastructure technology and asymmetric cryptography to verify the document's integrity and the signer's identity. Our digital signature is developed in compliance with the applicable law, making them as legally binding as a handwritten signature.

See How PrivyID Empowers Businesses

less than 1 day

time needed to verify customer's identity

up to 2.000

applications processed everyday


documents per month


pages reduce paper use per month

Used by HR Corporate Director and HR Department Staff to sign

assessment document, statement letter, report documents


to max 4 hours of application time


drop rate reduced to 70%


to 20 applications processed in a day

PrivyID is Indonesia's Leading Digital Signature and Digital Identity Service Provider. Our Integrated Solutions Are Fit for An Array of Industries and Have Been Trusted by Over 700 Companies

PrivyID’s client: Bank Mandiri
PrivyID’s client: Bank BNI 46
PrivyID’s client: Bank OCBC NISP
PrivyID’s client: Adira Finance
PrivyID’s client: Kredivo
PrivyID’s client: Generali Insurance
PrivyID’s client: Modal Rakyat
PrivyID’s client: Amartha
PrivyID’s client: Telkom Indonesia
PrivyID’s client: XL
PrivyID’s client: Lintasarta
PrivyID’s client: Gramedia
PrivyID’s client: Astra International
PrivyID’s client: President University
PrivyID’s client: Bank BRI
PrivyID’s client: Bank CIMB Niaga
PrivyID’s client: Bank Mega
PrivyID’s client: Akulaku
PrivyID’s client: Great Eastern
PrivyID’s client: OVO
PrivyID’s client: Akseleran
PrivyID’s client: Investree
PrivyID’s client: Telkomsel
PrivyID’s client: Indosat
PrivyID’s client: Huawei
PrivyID’s client: Unilever
PrivyID’s client: Darya Varia Laboratoria

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