PrivyID’s CEO, Marshall Pribadi

Letter from Marshall Pribadi , CEO

Allow me to extend our deepest sympathy to those who are affected by the Covid-19 pandemic and the following economic repercussions. We are in this together. This extraordinary time calls for our unity to get through this together. Before the Covid-19 Vaccine could be deployed to significant proportion of the population, social distancing remains our best option. We believe, digital transformation is one of the keys to navigate around this time of uncertainty. Our suite of products, Digital Identity, Digital Signature, Document Management System, and Online Onboarding System are crucial components of it, thus, we are committed to give our best support to businesses who needed them the most.

We are providing our services free of charge for 1 month to any Indonesian business. If you are in the business which got affected the most, public transport, airlines, tour and travel, hospitality, leisure & wellness, coworking space, event organizer, we are extending our free trial for you until the end of the year, please contact our representatives whom will gladly assist you to get the most of this benefit. This is the best time of the century to revisit our sustainability practice. Over 60% of the roughly 17 billion cubic feet of timber harvested worldwide each year is used for paper & pulp. Let’s embrace this moment to go real paperless, and we are here to support you each step of the way.

Stay safe and healthy,

- Marshall Pribadi -