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Digital consumer onboarding is much more than just providing online registration apps for your customers.

Verifying customers identity remotely in financial sectors raises question on face to face meeting requirements for KYC and AML. Implementing digital signature for credit card application triggers compliance issue with the Central Bank (BI)’s regulation. Switching customer’s application input from paper into electronic documents requires different back office infrastructure. PrivyID DSM gives you the freedom to concentrate on the essentials. The freedom to not be overtaken by trivialities, but to spend precious time building your business.


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Flexibility is the new Intelligence

Even now, online businesses are questioning how people are behaving in the digital space, where and how to grab them as customers. At the end of the 19th century, it took decades for the telephone to reach 25 percent of American households, while the smartphone achieved that in less than five years. Which means, technology is progressing.

In today’s world, adapting quickly to new things has become a success or failure determinant. PrivyID DSM gives your business the highest flexibility to engage customers seamlessly on any digital channel, be it your proprietary app, e-commerce, telemarketer, e-mail blast, ground sales team, or telco networks.


Regulatory Technology

What is new is that a digital document and electronic Know Your Customer create a completely new set of problems, such as security for confidential documents, certified signatures, and the legality of such digital onboarding.

PrivyID is the first trusted Certificate Authority by the Ministry of Communication and Informatics and acknowledged by the Central Bank of Indonesia, which means you do not have to worry about the legality of every document signed using our digital certificate. We are also certified for ISO 27001:2013 on Information Security Management to safeguard your customer’s personal data and confidential documents.

With ISO 27001:2013 certification, which means that we have met the international standard, along with acknowledgement from the government, it’s proven our commitment in navigating regulatory compliance.


Million of Trusted Digital Identity

But the problem is, on the internet, anyone could just claim themselves as someone else. With the rise of online financial services, verified Digital Identity is as important as ever.

The idea is not to use data for maximum transparency, but to make user onboarding as smooth as possible. Right now, converting a customer to be yours can sometimes take more time than the actual transaction itself. PrivyID’s millions of verified users can onboard as your customers in clicks away without the need to worry about the accuracy of their identity. We are also the first e-KYC provider registered with OJK (Financial Service Authority), rest assured your customers are verified properly. Other than the proper verification process, e-KYC will help you streamline your customer’s onboarding time process by more than half, and is highly effective to avoid data fraud.





  • On average, an Indonesian is using 32.6kg of paper each year.
  • Over 15 billion trees are cut down each year


Going paperless helps reduce carbon emission and halt defores-tation. In 2019 alone,


documents are signed electronically with PrivyID per month.



A top multi-finance company has to spend Rp 1.2 billion every month to print, store, and send 20.000 documents.


By using PrivyID that only costs IDR 3,500 per signed document, this company has successfully achieved:

99% ↓

Cost reduction



  • Only 55% of Indonesia citizens have access to financial services.
  • Large number of population & wide geographical distribution makes customer due diligence process difficult to conduct.


By signing loan agreements electronically, PrivyID has helped one of its fintech clients to disburse

IDR 70 Billions

microloans to small-medium enterprises across Indonesia



  • In Indonesia, 35% of e-commerce transactions are fraudulent
  • More than a third Indonesians don’t trust online shops


This high rate of fraud is attested by one of PrivyID’s clients. Luckily, PrivyID’s unique digital identity system is able to verify somebody is who he claims to be on the internet. Result:

100 Years

Time needed to hack PrivyID’s encryption



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