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Identity Verification

Direct API connection to the database of Directorate General of Population and Civil Registration Ministry of Homeland Affairs with biometric verification allows us to positively identify a person before issuing his/her digital certificate.


Address Verification and Insights

Clean and normalize your address database. Even more, enhance your analytics with historical activities on each address.


Email Verification

We don’t just verify whether your user has access to the email address but we also check whether it is associated to fraudulent activities in the past.


Internet Protocol (IP) Address Verification

Much can be drawn from an IP address and much can be inferred if the IP is new or if it is associated with problematic activity in the past. Determining IP address reputation is far from trivial. Doing so requires vast amounts of data along with a knowledge of the IP address owners, the ISPs, and an understanding of their relative controls and vulnerabilities.


Phone Verification

Phones are increasingly becoming a primary identity indicator, and gathering hundreds of data points and behavior patterns is now essential to any program. Our access to the biggest mobile and landline operator network let us reveal much information from the user’s phone number activities, among others, the registered name under that number and how long they have been using their number, and whether the said number has been associated to problematic activities in the past. With the data revealed through phone verification, it helps you to assess customer’s reputation.


Social Media Intelligence

We can include social media profiles to help you make more informed decisions to identify those profiles that are highly likely to be synthetic or compromised.

Social media offers unprecedented levels of connectedness for groups of people with common interests across the world and can also increase certainty and consistency when confirming the authenticity of a transaction. Today, social media sites offer unprecedented levels of connectedness. They also offer obvious benefits to anti-fraud programs. A social media component can ensure extra layers of certainty and consistency when confirming the authenticity of a transaction. This will enable you to do background check on your potential customers to minimize data fraud risk.

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